When Dreams Come True


As youth, I was totally fascinated by Martial Arts and as a twelve-year-old I started my exploration of its disciplines while I dreamed about the big shows and the legends. I was introduced to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) during 2003 and directly after the first training session I fell in Love with the sport. Once you understand the complexity of the sport, it’s hard not to get fascinated by it. 2005 we started our MMA related clothing brand called Superior Wear, and 2008 was the year when we produced Superior Challenge for the first time. Back then I could never dream that it would develop into one of the world’s largest MMA promotions after only four years.

It is difficult to explain why people become so fascinated by MMA but if you compare it to other sports, it’s the toughest and the most mentally challenging. The purpose of all sports is to overpower the opponent, whether you kick a ball into a goal, run or drive a car fastest, or throw a spear or jump the furthest. MMA is the most fundamental method to overpower an opponent, without taking any shortcuts or circumvent the essential purpose. All athletes want to be the best, but the MMA fighter is simply the hero in its greatest form.

My goal is to create heroes, and to give them a solid platform to stand on, to build their carriers on, so we can show the world our beautiful sport.

Thanks to everyone in Superior Crew who share my vision, and stands by me no matter what, and thanks to all my fighters who bleeds in my arenas for all the fans, we are able to contribute to the sports growth.

I hope that after all these years we have managed to open your eyes for the fascinating world of Superior MMA.

/Babak Ashti
Founder Superior Group International

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