Superior Challenge

Short Facts

• Recognized internationally as one of the world’s foremost MMA promotions.

• Europe’s most qualitative MMA Promotion.

• The largest Martial Arts promotion in all the Nordic Countries.

• The group was established in 2005.

• Has produced events since 2008.

• Is the oldest existing MMA promotion in Scandinavia.

• Has produced over 20 events since the start.

• Have had over 250 professional MMA bouts at the events.

• Have had Europe’s most expensive Fight Cards (except for UFC).

• Has Europe’s most lavish MMA TV productions (except for UFC).

• Has produced 90% of all the Swedish UFC and Bellator fighters.

• Has created 25 UFC and Bellator fighters.

• Engaged additional 30 UFC and Bellator veterans at the promotions.

• 6 Superior Challenge champions were signed by UFC immediately after their title wins.

• The largest producer of UFC and Bellator fighters in Europe.

• The shows have been held at some of Sweden’s largest venues with capacities around 10.000 spectators.

• Has produced events in different parts of Sweden.

• Has international top ranked fighters competing at the events.

• Has the attendance record of all MMA events in the Nordic countries with over 7000 spectators in a packed Malmö Arena (except UFC).

• Each event is estimated to have a PR value equivalent to approximately 17 million SEK gross, in Sweden alone.

• The Live TV broadcasts has also broken the all-time viewer record of all Nordic MMA and Martial Arts TV programs, minimum of 250.000 viewers only in Sweden.

• The organization also has the international viewer record of all Nordic martial arts TV programs, with minimum 100 million viewers worldwide.

• Superior Challenge events are broadcasted live on Viaplay exclusively in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland), which gives Superior the same reach as UFC has in the region.

• The events are also broadcasted on TV10 in Sweden, which reaches out to 98% of the Swedish population.

•The events are broadcasted live globally outside the Nordic countries via FITE TV.

• The company has made huge investments in the sport and the Swedish MMA athletes, which has resulted in the current Swedish MMA market.

• Mentioned as a positive example for Swedish martial arts, by the government’s martial arts delegation.


Superior Challenge, one of the world's greatest MMA promotions.

It al began on April 4:th 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden. The show that was called “Superior Challenge 1 – The Uprising” was initially arranged as a marketing activity for the organization’s clothing brand Superior Wear. The first show broke record attendance for all MMA shows in Scandinavia and revolutionized the Swedish MMA market. The popularity of the show grew rapidly, and in order to satisfy the growing demand of the target group more events were planed. Superior Challenge had a significant part in making MMA legal in Sweden and the organization contributed to the establishment and development of a new market. A constant improvement in the quality of the show resulted in increased interest from media, sponsors and the audience. The show that was intended as marketing activity for Superior Wear has during five years, grown to become one of the world’s top MMA promotions.

Superior Challenge is today one of the world’s most qualitative MMA promotions, and well respected worldwide with the industries most modern marketing platform. We strengthen the general impression of the promotion with Europe’s most lavish MMA TV productions in HD.

Superior Challenge has grown to become Europe's foremost and one of the world’s most qualitative MMA promotions. Our fighters are some of the world’s absolute top MMA athletes and our champions are amongst the world’s top elite. Our prestigious titles are highly regarded.

The events have broken the record attendance of all Nordic martial arts promotions three times during the past eight events, and the last show sold out Malmö Arena which is Sweden’s most modern and one of the largest venues. The same show also broke the TV viewer record of all Scandinavian martial arts programs. Today the organization is amongst the top international MMA promotions in the world, and the largest producer of international MMA athletes in the Nordic countries.

Producer: Superior Group International

Responsible Athletic Club: Forca Fighting MMA Klubb

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