A media, entertainment, and sports company with a distinguished legacy operating within the realm of MMA, a multi-billion-dollar industry and one of the world’s most popular sports.

Superior Group, est. 2005 stands as the oldest MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) organization in Europe, featuring a multi-revenue stream business model encompassing media, entertainment, sports, and consumer goods with synergistic effects. 

An investment and holding company with focus on sports constituted to nourish the sports industry and create opportunities for athletes. Excellence, credibility and Innovation are key factors for existing and future ventures. The group has invested in several companies with synergy effects and operations in various industries. Such as event production, TV production, live broadcasts, apparel, training equipment, consulting, and athlete management.

The group has accomplished to establish a new sport from the ground up in Sweden, changed public opinion, established several brands, created an international sports event with global live TV broadcasts, laid the foundation for the world’s largest sports promotion’s to enter the Swedish market, created opportunities for 50+ athletes to be signed by the world’s largest sports promotions, and by doing so has become one of Europe’s largest exporters of international athletes.

Superior Group - Where sports history is written!