Superior Challenge, one of the world's greatest MMA promotions.

It all began on April 4:th 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden with Superior Challenge 1 – The Uprising that was initially arranged as a marketing activity for the clothing brand Superior Wear. The vision was to produce top quality events and match the best Swedish MMA fighters against international opponents. The first show broke record attendance for all MMA events in the Nordics and revolutionized the Swedish MMA market. The popularity of the events grew rapidly. Thus, more events were planned to meet the growing demand of the target group. Within four years we grew to become one of the world’s top MMA promotions.

This was during a very turbulent period where MMA was banned, considered too violent and related to criminality. With hard work and determination, we had a significant part in making MMA legal in Sweden, helped to establish MMA as a sport by the Swedish Athletic Commission, we changed the press and media’s approach towards the sport, we managed to broadcast Superior Challenge on traditional sports channels, we created a growing fanbase, we attracted interest from companies to invest in the sport as sponsors, and we ignited the establishment and development of a new MMA market in Sweden. In general, we managed to change the society’s opinion to accept MMA as a sport.

Our work put Sweden and the Nordics on the global MMA map. With articles on international MMA sites and large broadcasts throughout the world we managed to attract international attention to the Swedish and Nordic MMA. To the extent that UFC saw potential in the Swedish MMA market and Swedish MMA athletes, and eventually started to produce events in the region and sign local fighters.

Superior Challenge is today one of the world’s most qualitative, and one of Europe’s oldest MMA promotions, and the largest MMA promotion in the Nordic countries.

We have created a platform within a sport that previously didn’t exist, that has produced 90% of all the Nordic MMA athletes in UFC, Bellator and PFL. This makes Superior Challenge one of, if not the largest producer of international MMA athletes in Europe. Our fighters are some of the world’s absolute top MMA athletes and our prestigious titles are highly regarded.

Superior Challenge events have been produced in Sweden’s largest arenas and broken the Nordic record attendance. Our lavish TV productions have broken the Nordic TV viewer record and has the largest international reach and competes with the biggest traditional sports.

This is our legacy, and we keep writing history every day!